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Soccer is my passion .
Read them,
Its my daily life

but when?
-the new ipodTouch.
-a new polo T.
-more 3/4 pants.
-a cool T-shirt.
-SuperFLYY !.
-new phone Again.
-headphone or an earpiece.

hear your voice.

its a big big world.
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    Date / Time : Monday, October 19, 2009 / 5:34 AM
    hellohello !

    hahahaha . long time already sehh never post . sorry laaa .
    hehhh .

    okayyy , start the day today by watching tv . Then use computer until now . bored sehh . hahaha . Tahts alll lahh . Lazy to post ;D

    RayyanLION !

    Date / Time : Tuesday, June 2, 2009 / 9:01 AM


    yes, luqman had gone to bali. haha. Good luck to you my friend. haha. i start the day today by woking up at about 9.45 am. seriously nothing to do. watch videos at youtube until 3 to 4+( just for laugh) funny siaaaa. then go to luqman's house. went to the airport with luqman's family and izzudin. just like th old times; Th three of us. hahah. at 8.30, luqman check in. me and izzudin go to simpang bedok to eat! haha. Go back home n rest! chioww!

    signing off,

    p.s : Good luck luqmonster.

    Normal day.
    Date / Time : Thursday, April 30, 2009 / 5:40 PM


    at school nothing much. same old things. the first period is home econs. i, edison, nasir and syazwan don't bother to listen so we talked about soccer. haha. Then comes literature, where the whole class kept quite and do the journals just to sit down. then recess. science is right after recess. we did our science test. for sure fail. then mother tongue (: where the class turned into a zoo. hahaha. assembly is ok but i felt a little bit sick there. after school, i met putri, izzah and hanafi. but we caould not do our project as the computer lab is close. then irfan, latiff, ardilla and me walked to compass point but ardilla went straight back home. played fifa09 at best denki! haha. met ms wong there. we all go back with her. i think thats all. gtg byee!

    signing off,

    tired, tired, tired!
    Date / Time : Saturday, April 25, 2009 / 7:50 AM
    hello people!
    i had been busy and tired these past few days. heh. soo, i'll just post for today. let's start. woke up early today at 7 for training. wait for izzudin for about 40 mins. nothing to do, soo buy food -.- haha. after training, izzudin n luqman went to my house to do their e-learning. watched the fifa world cup cd then fell asleep for a while. tired uhh. training for almost everyday and yesterday is also my 2.4. my time was 10.40. slow -_- wake up then play computer. hah, Boring and a Tiring day. highhhh....
    okayy, gottagoo! nighty night;D